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July 7th, 2010
“It’s easy for me to write something about the Brokerville program as I feel it is valuable. I have received practical and useful information with regards to how to call the leads and how to follow up as well. What a good opportunity to learn from leaders in this industry. The very first lead I received I called and the prospect was receptive to receiving the booklet and I did a $83,000 rollover. Right off the bat the lead system has paid for itself! I have been in the industry for 23 years and have found this to be the best lead system-the prospects want what you have to offer!”
—Paul U., Las Vegas, NV
Lead systems and lead programs often fail because the user does not follow instructions. In this case, Paul followed the scripts and instructions provided, a critical step to success, and immediately earned terms: lead system, lead program
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Brokerville Lead System Review and Comments

February 1st, 2011
“I am very happy with the professional handling of the [Brokerville] lead system. The booklets are professionally written and make a great impression. I have had 31 leads and set 5 appointments so far.”

— Garry S., Huron, OH

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Would you also be satisfied with Brokerville if you got 5 appointments for every 31 prospects sent?  At $18 each, Garry has invested $558 and if he closes just one of his appointments, may earn $3,000 or more. While successful financial professionals seek profitable ways to invest like this, its unfortunate that others struggle as they strive to save their way to greatness. Strategic investments, like outsourcing prospecting to Brokerville, gets your business growth on the fast track.

Financial Advisers That Get Ahead

April 12th, 2011

You have a slow month and you feel bad.  Your manager indicates that if you did this or that, you would have done better. These reactions are misplaced because they assume that you can control your results.  You cannot.  You can only control your activities.  I know this is upsetting because Americans are taught to believe we can control everything sans the weather.  So we believe that if we have a bad month (i.e. slow sales), we must have screwed up.  Not so realize financial advisers that succeed.

You cannot make a client buy, you cannot make interest rates go down, you cannot make your clients’ mutual funds go up 20%. You cannot control your results.

You cannot control client procrastination, you cannot control terrorism, you cannot control the market diving by 800 points or the fact that a rich prospect’s brother-in-law is in the business and has his account. You cannot control your results know the financial advisers that succeed.

You can however control your activities and when you let that sink in, you will have fewer disappointments and you will have more energy. When things don’t go well, there’s nothing you can do about that.  The only thing you can do is control your activities.  Successful financial advisors know the secret formula: activity generates results.  So the secret is, be and stay BUSY.

You can make 25 contacts a day, you can study for the CFP® credential, you can join a study group, you can read a book on portfolio construction, you can have lunch with a million dollar producer, you can set your minimum account at $250,000 but you cannot control your results this week or this month.

However, in the long run, there are activities that generate extraordinary results and make successful financial advisers.  Unfortunately, most producers will never wait for the payoff and will have changed their activities seeking an instant payoff, believing that they can control their results.  When the results they want are not immediately forthcoming, they change their activities again, never realizing the payoff from the previous activities.  The top producers have much more patience.  They select a set of activities and keep doing them, not giving up, until they strike the gold. Have you been like the gold prospector who gave up 10 feet before he hit the vein of gold?

I’m reminded of Peter Lynch the great fund manager who had a simple outlook.  He knew that in the long run, stock prices follow earnings.  He invested in companies with growing earnings. Did he make money every year?  Of course not.  Yet he did not have any notion that he could control his fund’s results.  All he could do was to research companies, do a through job, find companies with growing earnings and stick to all he could control—his activities.  All he could do is sit with the knowledge that the right activities eventually bring extraordinary results.  He of course, had extraordinary long run results managing Magellan Fund; he had the best track record of any fund manager, ever.

Next time you have some ridiculous notion that you could have done something to avoid a bad week or bad month, let it go, unless that something was doing the activities you had planned to do and didn’t.  Just get in gear because in the long run, your activities are what you can control and the universe rewards appropriate activities and delivers success to financial advisers that are most active.

Brokerville on The Best Investment You Can Make

May 14th, 2011

This site focuses on recommendations for professionals in financial sales with business building strategies and tactics.

Do you have an IRA, 401(k), SEP or qualified plan?  Do you spend a couple of hours a month or maybe even tens of hours a year, selecting investments for that portfolio?

If so, you are probably happy to get a 12% annual return on a stock or fund that you buy.  And likely, you feel pretty good about your investing prowess when you get a double-digit return.

In fact, this effort is a terrible waste of your time.  For a financial advisor to invest in securities is pure lunacy.  Why would you ever invest in someone else’s business when you get these returns by investing in your own business?:

Invest $2,500 to do a seminar, earn $25,000+ in commissions—900% profit

Invest $35,000 in an assistant to increase gross by $150,000—300% profit

Invest $500 in annuity ads, gross $5,000—900% profit

The above returns are not hypothetical—I and thousands of other advisors actually get these results.

Since you cannot make a 900% return on a fund or stock that you buy, I am outrageously suggesting that you stop putting funds into a tax sheltered retirement plan and instead, invest in the greatest shares anyone can own—your business.  Not only are the returns higher, you won’t have guys like Dennis Kowsloski, Bernie Ebbers,  Ken Lay, Raj Rajaratnam and assorted corporate thieves stealing your money.

If you have attempted the kinds of investments I mention above and you don’t get these kinds of returns, yet other advisors do, then it can only mean one thing.  The other financial advisors are executing the details in a different way, the right way.  In other words, they are doing the activities that produce an outrageously profitable result and whatever you’re doing does not.  When you do the same activities as others you will get the same result.  Unfortunately, most producers in financial sales will not take the time to master how to do it right.

Let’s look at how the correct execution of these investments makes all the difference.  Take Fred and Barry.  They both decide to do seminars.  Fred purchases a proven system and follows it methodically.  Barry sees another guy in his office do seminars and figures he’ll just do the same thing as best as he can determine.

Here’s what happens:

Fred gets his mailing list from the reputable company that is provided in the system.  He uses the invitation in the systems that has been tested and proven successful thousands of times.  He uses first class postage and mails the invitation eight days before the seminar because the system designers have tested different mailing times and found eight days to be the best lead time.

Barry sees an ad for mailing lists in the back of a trade publication.  He sends the mail using that list and 30% of the envelopes never reach their destination because of bad addresses. He sends the mail third class and uses a label and most people don’t even open the invitation because it looks like junk mail.  He sends the invitation three weeks ahead and the people who do have interest in attending put it aside figuring they have plenty of time to respond.  The invitation gets buried under mail that arrives the next day.  Since Barry doesn’t really know what interests people, he guesses and calls his seminar : “Opportunities in Flat Markets.”  Most people that get his invitation are not avid stock watchers and are not aware that the market is flat so the title makes no sense to them.

Fred has 38 people attend, Barry gets only 6 reservations and cancels his seminar. Fred opens 11 accounts, raises $1.13 million of new assets.  Barry laments about how he is going to recover his $1400 investment.

Let’s look at another example.

Barry wants to sell more annuities so he tries advertising.  He develops an ad for the newspaper and has it placed.  The paper runs it on the left hand page. The add offers “5% tax deferred” and a free brochure.  He gets three calls and sends the sales brochure from his favorite annuity company.  He follows up two days later by phone, immediately asks if the prospect wants to meet and gets no appointments. He can’t figure out how anyone gets advertising to work.

Fred also pursues advertising.  He tells the newspaper to run his ad on the right page only because he knows that more people see a right hand page than the left hand page.  He wants to attract the largest annuity buyers and finds that the largest buyers are existing annuity owners. So he runs an ad titled “Annuity Owner Mistakes” and offers a free educational booklet (not sales literature).  He prints the booklets with his name, credentials and photo on the front cover.  He gets 18 calls, sends out the booklets and follows up with a call.  On the call, he asks a lot of questions to understand what motivated the person to call for their booklet and to unearth their agenda.  Once he identifies their agenda, if he can assist, he offers an appointment and makes four appointments and three others asked to be called back.

If you want a successful and thriving business…

  1. realize that the best investments you can make are in your own business — stop chasing the holy grail because you already own it
  2. cease your “money saving” orientation and seek to invest as much money wisely as you can in your business
  3. get expert help and implement your investments the correct way by precisely following what the expert tells you to do

When you follow these steps, your primary question changes from “how am I going to see more prospects” to “how many prospects do I want to see this month?”

Brokerville assists financial advisors and insurance agents to rapidly gain clients.

Brokerville Asks: Do You Miss the Point?

October 6th, 2011

With some frequency I meet advisors who focus on minutia, not realizing there’s no money down that tube.

Let me provide an example.  Part of the success of the Brokerville lead generation system is sending a booklet to the prospect.  The purpose of the booklet is to establish the credibility and professionalism of the financial professional.  Without that step, calling on the lead would be a total cold call.  Sometimes, we have advisors get concerned about the cost of mailing the booklet.  This strikes us as a form of insanity, given that the most this could cost would be $30 per month yet the advisor would earn many thousands from a new client.

Another example is the advisor who is concerned if we can send him enough leads and so he hesitates to enroll.  However, wouldn’t the logical thinking be that if he gets half the number of leads he wants, he would still make a profit?

Every week, I encounter many examples of this focus on minutia, this focus on the wrong aspects rather than the aspects of the business that make one money.  So my advice is to maintain a big picture focus and only focus on those items that provide leverage in bringing in dollars.